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Fun Challenging Missions:
G-FORCE LASER TAG™ offer a variety of missions each requiring different strategies, emphasizing teamwork. From Team Death Match to CFT and many more in between your experience will be far from routine!


Team Deathmatch:
Team Deathmatch ( TDM ) is your basic laser tag combat scenario where teams go head-to-head to see who can eliminate the other team first. Fight throughout the entire arena and use brute force to win the day. Your team should cover each other at all times and use basic strategy to complete the mission. The winner is determined by the team having the most eliminations at the end. The mission usually runs for about 12 minutes


This classic battle for superiority is ideal for teams and risky players. The Dominators (capture points) are placed around the battlefield and teams must fight to claim the Dominator for their side. A player must get to the Dominator and activate it for their side. While the Dominator is claimed by one side or another, it glows their color and also acts a respond point for your team for the team that has captured it. After your team has captured the way point for a cumulative amount of time it is there’s for the remainder of the game. There are two ways to win the game. Capture all the way points so the other team can’t respond or have the majority of the waypoints at the end of the game. The mission usually runs for about 12 minutes


Domestic Threat:
Terrorists have hidden a dangerous package in the middle of the public square and the police have no idea where it is. The terrorist team will hide a backpack in the market, while the other team faces away. Once the game starts, the police team must find the backpack and bring it back to their starting location and disarm the bomb before it detonates. The terrorist team wants to protect the backpack until time runs out. Police win if they secure the backpack under 8 minutes and the terrorists win if they successfully defend it for 8 minutes.


Military Intelligence:
Battle rages and both sides have critical military intelligence nearby. Each team has a colored backpack in the market that they must defend, while the other team tries to grab it and return it to their base. All players have only 1 respawn. Teams cannot move their own backpack after placing it and the team that returns the enemy backpack to their base first wins.


Terrorist Recon:
Terrorist must be found. The Navy Seals have been sent in to find and eliminate him. The terrorist team starts in the poor district and selects one player to protect the Terrorist Leader “Prop”, who is hiding in the mansion. The Seals start in south embassy and must fight to eliminate the Prop and bring him back to the embassy while the terrorist team defends him. The Seals win if they drag the Prop into the embassy within 8 minutes. Terrorists win if they prevent that from happening.


Blackhawk Down:
Delta Force has been shot down over a major middle eastern city and have holed up in a local market place. Tangos are closing in to finish the job. Delta Force starts out in the market place with 150 ammo, 5 Lives. The tangos start in the poor district and must eliminate all of Delta Force within 5 minutes. They have 1 life and unlimited respawns. If Delta Force member survives at the 5 minute mark, Delta Force wins. The tangos win if every Delta Force player is eliminated within 5 minutes.


Supply Grab:
An intense and concentrated tug-of-war game between two teams. In the middle of the battlefield lies a recent supply drop of 7 boxes and both teams must battle to secure as many of them as possible. You must fight to grab a box and bring it back to your starting zone. All players get 4 lives. The team with the most at then end of 5 minutes wins.


Two teams go head to head in this variation of deathmatch. Players get 3 lives. The goal is to find and eliminate the opposing team. The team with the most players alive at the end of 8 minutes or the last player standing wins. Elimination is played at night time with little indoor lighting – making stealth and tact the winning tools of the day.


The juggernaut is a classic assault game. One team has one player become a juggernaut. The juggernaut and a body guard set up a defense in the base, where the juggernaut must stay. Both teams begin in the normal starting zones. The juggernaut gets 150 ammo, 10 lives, body armor, and no respawn, while everyone else gets 2 lives and unlimited respawns. The juggernaut team must keep the juggernaut alive for 5 minutes in order to win the game. The attacking team must eliminate the juggernaut under 5 minutes to win.


Strategy and teamwork are essential in this variation of Deathmatch. Two teams face off each with a medic for each team. After players loses all there health, they will be wounded and cannot move. It is up to the team’s medic to respond to the cries and get to the player with in 30sec. of the player will lose one of their 5 lives. Medics will instantly revive players by using their medical try coder. If not the player will automatically respawn after the 30sec. If a medic ( 9 Lives ) gets eliminated, they can’t revive themselves. The team with the most players left at the end of 12 minutes is declared the winner.


A SWAT team has been dispatched to clear the neighborhood of a vicious gang. The thugs are hiding out and must survive for 8 minutes. The SWAT team has 8 lives, while the thugs have 4 lives. Thugs can start in any building with one person in each and the SWAT team starts at the beginning. They can respawn anywhere on the field and must race against the clock to eliminate the threat. They have 8min


Critical intelligence has been rumored to exist and is believed to be stored in the storage lockers of the tower. Both teams must race against time (5min) to secure the backpack full of intel and bring it back safely to their base. Players have 1 lives and unlimited responds. If a player is shot while holding the backpack, he or she must drop it and go to their respond point. Use team work and brute force to win the day!


The Cartels are assaulting a Texan stronghold in this classic game of attack and defend. The Texans are holed-up in the Mansion, with two players with machine guns. They have 5 lives and can only win if 1 or more players are alive at the end of 5 minutes. Their machine guns can fire 30 rounds being inoperable for 5 seconds. The Cartel players have unlimited respawns and must eliminate all Texans inside the mansion within 5 minutes.


Grim Reaper:
The Reaper has come to collect his souls. Fight until life exists no more! This modified version of Team Deathmatch pits two teams against each other, each with each players having 4 lives. When one team is completely eliminated, they have been defeated!


Hunger Games:
There are 2 alliances to survive in the game when the other alliances have been eliminated then the remaining players fire to the death. Each player has 9 lives and unlimited time to finish the round. We usually play this game as the last game of the night.


In this game one team's objective is to defend their base and the other team is playing an offensive position. The offensive team needs to try to capture the defensive team flag and return it to their base within 8 minutes to win. If they don't complete their mission then the defensive team is victorious. Then the teams switch positions.


Capture the Flag:
Capture the Flag: This is same as defender except both teams are playing offense and defense and the game is usually played for 12 minutes and each player has 9 lives


Ultimate Capture the Flag:
This game is the same as Capture the Flag except each team member needs to Capture a flag but with a twist:
as the players capture a flag and return it to their base, they must now sit on the side lines while the rest of the team plays. This makes the game more difficult to play as your team mate's finish their objective. At the end of the game the team with the most flags wins. played for 12 minutes and each player has 9 lives


Seek and Destroy:
At some random point in time a member of our staff will hide an object in the arena while the other staff member has everyone's attention. The objective is for your team to find the object and safely return it to a location determined before the game starts. If a player finds the object and loses a life they need to drop it where they are and can't pass it to another player.


Sniper Round:
This a Team Elimination death match. In this round each player will have 13 lives and 5 rounds per clip, if you get tagged twice you will lose 1 life. This game is a slow moving and requires patience and a high level of strategy.


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We are open to the public all day. We will have activities such as G-force Laser Tag, Archery Tag

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