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Zakery's B-day04/011:00PM
Open to Public All Day04/0110:00AM
Kalisto birthday 04/0112:00PM
G-Force Disc Golf Putting League04/036:00PM
Luke and Josh Birthday Party04/045:00PM
G-Force Disc Golf Putting League04/057:00PM
$15 Dollar Day!04/052:00PM
****Governor's Academy Laser Tag Night04/066:30PM
Open to Public All Day04/062:00PM
Night Pass!!04/068:00PM
Zach Birthday04/073:15PM
Open to Public All Day04/0711:00AM
Night Pass!!04/078:00PM
Kaiden's Birthday04/074:00PM
Quinton Birthday04/071:30PM
Andrews 16th Birthday04/0711:00AM
Ava B-day04/073:00PM
Open to Public All Day04/0810:00AM
Silas Birthday 04/081:00PM
Travis Birthday04/083:00PM
G-Force Disc Golf Putting League04/106:00PM
G-Force Disc Golf Putting League04/127:00PM
$15 Dollar Day!04/122:00PM
Open to Public All Day04/132:00PM
Night Pass!!04/138:00PM
Riley and Braden04/1412:30PM
Open to Public All Day04/1411:00AM
Night Pass!!04/148:00PM
Laser tag @ Sunday River04/141:30PM
Open to Public All Day04/1510:00AM
School Break! 04/1611:00PM
Bryant University04/178:00PM
G-Force Disc Golf Putting League04/176:00PM
School Break! 04/1711:00PM
Elijah Birthday04/1811:30PM
Room to Bloom 04/181:00PM
School Break Brings BOUNCE DAY04/1811:00PM
G-Force Disc Golf Putting League04/197:00PM
$15 Dollar Day04/1911:00PM
Bounce Day!04/1911:00PM
Open to Public All Day04/202:00PM
Night Pass!!04/208:00PM
Open to Public All Day04/2111:00AM
Night Pass!!04/2112:00PM
Ralph and Charlie Birthday04/221:00PM
Open to Public All Day04/2210:00AM
Alpha Tau Omega at UMO04/2212:00PM
G-Force Disc Golf Putting League04/246:00PM
G-Force Disc Golf Putting League04/267:00PM
$15 Dollar Day!04/262:00PM
Open to Public All Day04/272:00PM
Night Pass!!04/278:00PM
Loring Job Corps Laser Tag Fun Day04/276:00PM
Marissa Birthday!04/283:30PM
Anton Birthday04/2811:00AM
Open to Public All Day04/2811:00AM
Night Pass!!04/288:00PM
Open to Public All Day04/2910:00AM
University of Maine Spring Fling04/2912:00PM
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    Laser Tag Event Venue Ideas

Looking for a place to have your next event? Check out these fine venues.


              Center Day Camp
Winter: (207) 772-1959
Summer: (207) 892-4101
74 Hackett Rd
Windham, ME 04062

Wassamki Springs Campground
Call: (207) 839-2936
56 Saco St,
Scarborough,ME 04074

YMCA Camp of Maine
Call: (207) 395-4200
305 Winthrop Center Rd
Winthrop,ME 04364

Bangor Auditoriume & Civic Center
Call: (207) 947-5555
100 Dutton Street
Bangor,ME 04401