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All This Week We Open at 10am
Walk-ins are welcome

Sports Day Friday 2/22
Unlimited: Laser Tag: $15 add $5 for Sport Challenges Just Sports $10

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Store Hours and Event Calendar

This schedule will change during different seasons
Mon All Ages 2pm ~ 7pm   Arcade Only
Unless you make a Reservation
Tue All Ages 2pm ~ 7pm     Arcade Only
Unless you make a Reservation
Wed All Ages 2pm ~ 7pm Arcade Only
Unless you make a Reservation
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Thur 6 ~ 96 2pm ~ 8pm Laser Tag,  Archery Tag &  Arcade*
$15 Thursdays / Unlimited Pass
Fri 6 ~ 96 2pm ~ 8pm Laser Tag,  Archery Tag & Arcade*
Fri 13 ~ 96 8pm ~ 12am Laser Tag,  Archery Tag,  Arcade*, ReBall*  &  DJ
$15 Moon Light Unlimited Pass Must Be 13 or older
    Augusta Store: Google Map

    17 Market Place Dr.
    Augusta, ME. 04330

Sat 6 ~ 96 10am ~ 8pm Laser Tag,  Archery Tag &  Arcade*
Sat 13 ~ 96 8pm ~ 12am Laser Tag,  Archery Tag, Arcade*, ReBall*  &  DJ
$15 Moon Light Unlimited Pass Must Be 13 or older
Sun 6 ~ 96 10am ~ 8pm Laser Tag,  Archery Tag &  Arcade*
*Arcade and ReBall is at an extra cost. Most Arcade games are 0.50 per player.


G-Force Laser Tag is always open to the public during regular business hours.
No need to make a reservation just come in and get ready to have fun

Walk-Ins Are Always Welcome
Laser Tag Augusta Marketplace Maine - $15 Thursday LIVE ACTION LASER TAG AT ITS BEST!
Event Details : $15 Thursday
Hosted By: G-Force Laser Tag dba G-Force Adventures
2:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Event Type:Open To The Public
Location: Augusta Marketplace2075920246
Description:                                      Laser Tag Signup
We are open to the public all day. Offering for you to pick the number of games you want to play only for $15. (Equipment not included) We will have activities such as G-force Laser Tag, Archery Tag, and Disc Golf Putting and many arcade games to choose from.


Event NameDateTime
Open to the Public06/01/182:00 PM
Center Drive School06/01/184:00 PM
Night Pass!!06/01/188:00 PM
Eastport Elementary06/01/1812:00 PM
Maine Isshinryu Karate Academies06/02/185:00 PM
Open to the Public06/02/1811:00 AM
Night Pass!!06/02/188:00 PM
Caribou High School Project Grad06/03/1811:00 PM
Open to the Public06/03/1810:00 AM
Greely High School Project Grad 201806/03/187:00 PM
John Bapst Project Grad06/03/188:00 PM
Washington Academy Project Grad06/04/189:00 PM
Fort Kent Elementary School06/04/1812:00 PM
Fort Kent Community High School Senior Week06/04/186:00 PM
G-Force Putting League06/05/187:00 PM
Biddeford High School Senior Week06/05/187:00 PM
Leavitt Area High School Sr. Week06/06/1811:00 AM
Winslow High School Project Grad06/06/187:00 PM
Lawrence High School Project Grad06/07/1812:00 AM
G-Force Putting League 06/07/187:00 PM
$15 Thursday06/07/182:00 PM
Messalonskee High School Project Grad06/07/1812:00 PM
Presque Isle Project Grad06/08/189:30 PM
Open to the Public06/08/182:00 PM
Night Pass06/08/188:00 PM
White Mountain Regional High School Project Grad06/08/189:00 PM
Hall Dale Project Grad06/09/1810:30 PM
Town Square Media Food Fest06/09/1812:00 PM
Open to the Public06/09/1812:00 PM
Night Pass!!06/09/188:00 PM
Gardiner Area High School Project Grad06/09/1810:00 PM
St. James School 8th Grad Graduation06/09/183:00 PM
Westbrook High School Project Grad06/09/189:00 PM
Open to the Public06/10/1810:00 AM
Leavitt Area High School Project Grad06/10/188:30 PM
Wells High School Project Grad06/10/1812:00 PM
Bangor High School Project Grad06/10/1810:00 PM
Mt. Ararat High School Project Grad06/10/183:30 PM
G-Force Putting Leauge06/12/187:00 PM
G-Force Putting League06/14/187:00 PM
$15 Thursday06/14/182:00 PM
Goodwill Hinckley Association06/14/189:00 AM
Town of Anson06/14/1812:15 PM
Open to the Public06/15/182:00 PM
Night Pass!!06/15/188:00 PM
Gavin Birthday06/16/183:00 PM
Open to the Public06/16/1811:00 AM
Night Pass06/16/188:00 PM
Will's Birthday Party06/16/185:00 PM
Open to the Public06/17/1810:00 AM
Camp Tekakwitha Laser Tag Fun Day 06/18/187:00 PM
Camp Modin Counselor Fun Day06/18/189:00 PM
G-Force Putting Leauge06/19/1812:00 PM
China Middle School 8th Grade Grad Party06/19/1810:00 AM
G-Force Putting League06/21/187:00 PM
$15 Thursday06/21/182:00 PM
Night Pass!!06/22/188:00 PM
Open to the Public06/23/1811:00 AM
Night Pass!!06/23/1812:00 PM
Open to the Public06/24/1810:00 AM
Jonas Birthday06/24/181:00 PM
Kennebec Valley Great Race06/26/189:00 AM
MIKA's Awesome Summer Camp06/26/1812:00 PM
G-Force Putting League06/26/187:00 PM
Girl Scout Laser Tag/Archery Tag Outting06/26/1810:00 AM
MIKA's Awesome Summer Camp06/27/1810:00 AM
G-Force Putting League06/28/187:00 PM
$15 Thrusday06/28/182:00 PM
Bachelor Party06/28/187:30 PM
Open to the Public06/29/182:00 PM
Night Pass!!06/29/188:00 PM
Kennebec River Fest06/30/1812:00 PM
Kennebec River Day at Mill Park06/30/1811:00 AM
Mapleton Daze06/30/1811:00 AM
Open to the Public06/30/1811:00 AM
Night Pass!!06/30/188:00 PM
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Sean & Adele Laser Tag B-day Party 02/23 1:00PM

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Kidabaloo Auguste03/0311:00AM

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Sean & Adele Laser Tag B-day Party

Event Type: Birthday Party
Location: Augusta Marketplace
Sean & Adele Laser Tag B-day Party

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Zachery's B-Day Party

Event Type: Birthday Party
Location: Augusta Marketplace
Zachery's Laser Tag B-Day Party

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