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UNE Laser Tag12/016:00PM
Reece's 10th Birthday12/0212:30PM
Henry's 5th Birthday12/0210:00AM
Chase's 6th Birthday12/0311:00AM
Jackson's 10th Birthday12/031:30PM
Octo Telematics12/072:00PM
Tucker's Birthday12/086:00PM
Ella's 9th Birthady12/093:00PM
Day Pass School Function12/0911:30AM
Joshua's Birthday12/101:00PM
Maine Maritime Academy12/144:00PM
Walker's Birthday12/156:00PM
Grant's Birthday12/2311:30PM
William's b-day12/302:30PM
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Private Laser Tag Birthday Party Packages
Happy Birthday
Reece's 10th Birthday12/02/17
Henry's 5th Birthday12/02/17
Chase's 6th Birthday12/03/17
Jackson's 10th Birthday12/03/17
Tucker's Birthday12/08/17
Ella's 9th Birthady12/09/17
Day Pass School Function12/09/17
Joshua's Birthday12/10/17
Walker's Birthday12/15/17
Grant's Birthday12/23/17
William's b-day12/30/17
Keegan's Birthday01/06/18
Kasen's B-day01/06/18
The Hottest New Birthday Party Ideas
  • The kids get to play Laser Tag in their own Back Yard, Woods, Recreation Center, School Gym, Local Park, Ice Skating Rink, Church...
  • Parties Last For Two Hours
  • Great For Kids Ages 6 and up

    What we do for you!

  • We Bring the Laser Tag Equipment
  • G-Force Brings the Complete Field Setup.
  • Cool Music the Kids Love
  • We Bring the Laser Tag Birthday Party Fun
  • We Can Accommodate Kids with Special Needs

    What do you do?

  • You Bring the Kids

    Birthday parties for children are getting more elaborate and original every day. If you are a parent who likes to create a unique birthday party that your child and guests are going to remember forever, then a birthday party provided by G-Force Laser Tag will go above and beyond your party planning expectations.

    We will print color birthday invitations for the birthday party and mail them to you at no extra cost!!

    Call us today at (207) 227-5562 to schedule the best birthday party on this planet!!
    Your Party Host or Hostess will take charge when it's time to play Laser Tag. Just sit back and watch the fun!! OR YOU CAN JOIN IN THE FUN!!!

  • G-Force Party
    *Birthday Party Packages Include

    A Super Fun Party Because Everybody Plays at The Same Time.

    We Can Accommodate Kids with Special Needs.

    Included with all Parties1) Party time: 2 hours:
         Longer parities are available
    2) Party Host or Hostess:
         To Coordinate G-Force Activities
    3) Each Party Includes:
         Great looking G-Force designed invitations,
         includes envelopes
    G-Force Laser TagPricing for Up to 30 People$Call
    Extra Guests up to 90 extra guests ( per person )$Call
    Inflatable CityG-Force Laser Tag has successfully developed our mobile Laser Tag City for a real "WOW Factor" when playing Laser Tag at your Birthday$Call

    Everyone Plays At The Same Time

    Call for Travel Cost

    Extras for your guests
    T-shirtG-Force Laser Tag t-shirt ( per guest )$10
    Hoodie G-Force Laser Tag Hoodie ( per person )$20
    CustomAdd a special message or Photo$10
    What we do for you
    a) We Bring the Taggers
    b) G-Force Brings the Complete Field Setup.
    c) Cool Music the Kids Love. (as an option)
    d) We Bring the Birthday Party Fun
    e) We Can Accommodate Kids with Special Needs
    What do you do?
    a) You Bring the Kids.
    b) You Provide the Venue.
    Food Items
    Popcorn popper  Popcorn Popper "Supplies not included in price / manned By you"$50
    Shaved IceShaved Ice Supplies. not included in price / manned By you$100
    Snow ConeSnow Cone. Supplies not included in price / manned By you$50
    Cotton Candy.  Cotton Candy Supplies not included in price / manned By you$50
    Make Your Party Even Cooler
    Birthday DJOur Basic Birthday DJ will play Cool Music the kids will love.
    Basic Birthday DJ must be acumpineed with one of our other Party options

    All our music is licensed, no need to worry about shutdowns or fines.

    FogAdd fog$Call
    G-Force GYROOur Three-Dimensional Human G-Force Gyroscope Is a Manual Model-One Person Ride Originally developed by NASA in the 1960's for use in the training program of the Apollo and Gemini

    Astronauts, this gyroscope has enabled the astronauts to become comfortable with the simulated experience of weightlessness and the roll and tumble associated in outer space. Over the years a similar program was also introduced into the US Air Force to aid in the training of their Jet Fighter Pilots. The Human Gyro is also used by Special Forces for Training.

    The G-Force Gyroscope is safe and fun entertainment. The G-Force Gyroscope players enjoy the rotation of 360, and the speed can be quick or slow (Speed: 2~18 Circles/minutes). The rider will feel the freedom of free three-dimensional rotation, it's relaxing, and it can strengthen your body all at the same time, and best of all it's fun. It is a sport for the brave, and also a sport with safety in mind. Combine the free three-dimensional rotation, with the fun, and people crazy over the G-Force Gyroscope. It is suitable for players above 8 years old and with a height range from 4' 6"' ~ 6' 3" tall with a maximum weight of 350lbs.

    Giant Bounce House Combo  Giant Bouncing, Jousting, Boxing Arena Combo is great fun. It's very large at 26' x 26' the kids love to try their skills against each other.$Call
    G-Force GaGaG-Force Gaga is a fast paced, high energy sport played in an octagon pit. The more players the better! Played with a special ball called a GaGa Ball, this safe game combines the skills of dodging, striking, running, and jumping, while trying to hit opponents with a ball below the knees. Players need to keep moving to avoid getting hit by the ball. Fun and easy, everyone gets a serious workout.

    If your child is a great athlete, gaga will help him or her improve core skills for more traditional sports.If not, he or she can still excel - there are elements of strategy and luck that makes this anyone's game.

    Easily addictive, people can't wait to get back in the pit. The games move quickly...after a few short minutes, the action heats up with a second ball, sure to get even the best players out within minutes. Once the game ends, everyone is back in for the next round.

    G-Force Wrecking BallThis game is for two (2) to six (6) people at a time. Players climb on top their inflatable pedestals from the main platform. Using the giant, yet soft, ball hanging from the top of the bounce-house they hurl The Wrecking Ball at their opponents, attempting to knock them off their inflatable pad. Whoever grabs the wrecking ball after it hits someone gets to fling it at another player! The last player standing is the champion.$Call
    Ultimate Twister64Giant 64 Person Twister Board
    Ultimate Twister64 must be accompanied with one of our other Party options
    G-Force ChallengeThe Extreme G-Force Challenge An Incredible 150 Foot Inflatable Military Style Obstacle Course.

    This inflatable course will challenge competitors to navigate a series of military-style obstacles rivaling a first week of boot camp. An extreme mammoth structure at 150'-long, complete with tires, giant barriers and a rope swing over a pit that can be filled with water. There is even a vertical wall to scale. There is a challenging hill to climb, a laser beam field and you still must face another obstacle before climbing your way to the top and sliding to victory!

    This not your standard 80 foot obstacle course. This is The 150' Foot G-Force Challenge!!

    Sumo WrestlingSpice Up Your Event with G-Force Sumo Wrestling! It will make you laugh your you know what off. Our Sumo Wrestler game is complete with 2 sets of suits for a faster throughput. G-Force Sumo includes an inflated wrestling ring and mat$Call

    * Fees do not include any transportation, lodging or venue costs that may apply.

    NOTE: A $50.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit required to to hold your party date.

    Celebrate With A Laser Tag Birthday Party Experience!

    G-Force Laser Tag Birthday Party Maine
    G-Force lasertag lazer parties

    fun lazer tag birthday party rentals
    Call us today at (207) 227-5562 speak with a G-Force Laser Tag representative and schedule the BEST Birthday Party or Special Event on this planet!!

    Also Available Corporate Outings, Fund Raising, Adventure Camp, Team Building Events, Grad Nights, Youth Center Activities, Family Get-Togethers, Fairs, and Special Events or Just Plain Laser Tag Fun!!!.

    Remember We Travel Anywhere On Our Planet For Laser Tag Events.

     Laser Tag Birthday Party